Why The Tax Refund Season is the Perfect Time to Start Your Home Search

Receiving your tax refund can be an exciting, and enlightening, time of year. This year, instead of putting it into savings, or making a few extra car payments, why not think about using this once a year cash influx to jump start your home buying search? There are quite a few reasons that tax refund season is the perfect time to get the home buying process started.

The first reason that tax season is an ideal time to begin the home buying process is very simple; you have your tax refund money! This extra cash you’ll have on hand is an ideal seed for your home down payment. Whether you already have some home down payment savings, or if you're just starting out, this additional cash can make a big difference. Your tax refund can also contribute to your home buying process by serving as an extra home loan payment, or, it can serve as a base for your closing costs.

It can be hard to get ahead in today's economy and start saving for a down payment, but this tax season can be the first step towards lifelong financial security. Tax season comes just once a year, and if you're living paycheck to paycheck or finding it hard to save, this is the perfect opportunity to add a large chunk of change to your down payment savings.

Along with the cash tax refund for your home down payment loan, you can also use this time to your advantage by utilizing your already prepared tax documents as a basis for your home loan preapproval process. This process typically takes quite a few documents, but if you've just finished your taxes or had them done, then you are in a great place to start the home loan preapproval process because you’ll have many of the required documents on hand. The experts at the Deibler Group can tell you exactly what you need to get the process started.

Another advantage to tax season is that you now have a very accurate picture of your financial status. This can help you understand the home loan payment you can make every month, and your mortgage broker can help you to determine what kind of house you can afford.

Tax refund season also coincides with the beginning of home buying season. Using your tax refund towards your down payment and getting preapproved with the Deibler Group will have you ready to brave the Spring home market in Frederick. Home sale listings tend to increase in the spring, which is a great time to move given the mild weather and end of the school year.

Tax refund season is the ideal time to contact the Deibler Group to get your home loan preapproval process started, so don't delay! Tax season comes once a year, but a home that you've been dreaming of can last a lifetime. Learn more about no money down mortgage and 100% finance home loans from The Deibler Group by filling out our easy online form, or give us a call. We look forward to helping you find your best home in Frederick, MD.